From the development of the product to its delivery as a final product ready to be marketed; taking part in partial productions; delivering in bulk or offering partial/full conditioning services.

R&D new developments

Our R&D department develops new formulations to efficiently cooperate with our customers and their development and technical departments.


Manufacturing service

Integral Manufacturing of the product, from the idea or formula till its delivery at the customer’s warehouse.


Quality control

Our QC lab is technologically equipped to guarantee the specifications and the most strict quality standards of the products.


Physical-chemical and microbiological controls

Not only of the finished product but also during its manufacturing and packaging.


Conditioning Service

Packaging of the products into the counting or blistering lines.


Technical & commercial support

Preparation of product’s technical dossiers and sales documentation.


Regulatory support

For registration and notification of new products, as well as preparation of import/export documents for production orders.